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Tap local resources booster brigade fusion

Date: 2019-06-26

The story of "the Chinese people in the west to listen to, is not an easy thing, but with the help of the film and television to express human emotion, it is a good choice..."On June 17," BBS "cultural tourism in xi 'an, experts and scholars from the culture and tourism industry is the text brigade fusion of film and television, culture, and explore the new trend of development of the tourism industry, such as, make recommendations for the text brigade integration development.

In the film and television to promote tourism

"Since the ancient times, culture and tourism is very important to a person's growth."Hong Kong director tsui hark thinks, shaanxi has a long history and culture, only the qin, han and tang dynasties has left here with a valuable resource, it is a treasure trove of tourism, is also a treasure house of film and television creation.

"The Chinese rich cultural resources and diverse human landscape, is the important source of literature creation, but in contrast, the status quo of China's literary and artistic creation, there are quite a number of works by the narrative mode of transmission of did not achieve the desired effect."British director Edward clarence-smith, said China's decades of major achievements in the very great degree is not known to westerners, and the Chinese visual depicting ordinary life, love movies, TV shows is one of the most convenient way for westerners to understand China."China needs to find an effective way to tell their own story, but a humanistic perspective to the China story better zone" to the world.

"The film and television is the transmission of culture important carrier, is also one of the impetus to the development of tourism."Shan tour group general manager just said, as the infinite extension of film and television industry boundaries and the increase of the tourism elements, with the film and television works to tourism is becoming a fashion, this requires that the industry must actively explore the developing mode of "travel + + film and TV culture".The reporter understands, at present, shaanxi tour group, film and television company has produced "white deer" loess plateau "Yellow River" and so on film, film formed by the combination of economies of scale and tourism is emerging.

Make travel destination cultural experience

For traditional film and television industry, the basic industrial chain including production, distribution and projection of the product.And under the background of the text brigade fusion, film and television industry chain is the forward end and back end to expand and refine, in addition to the film and television investment and financing, film and television development of derivatives, represented by the film and television base text brigade project also gradually entered the public life, become an important cultural experience travel destination.

Shaanxi film association chairman zhang said, in the process of text brigade fusion, studio business model is worthy of attention, such as zhejiang hengdian studios on the local cultural industry and tourism development is very significant.In text brigade fusion, shaanxi province in recent years made many attempts to build a batch of landing big brigade projects, such as shaanxi white studio, zhuge guzhen, China zhouyuan, Wen Anyi, Yellow River hukou, universal Chinatown, amorous feelings of the silk road city, yanan sacred valley, etc., have also launched an "everlasting regret" "yenan nursery" the red detachment of the Yellow River chorus art level, such as high performance, the text brigade fusion is bring more and more tourists more abundant tourism experience.

Cultural tourism should not be a formal word structure, should abandon culture is the habitual view of tourism modifier."Central university of finance and economics, dean of the school of culture and media Wei Pengju said, only in this way can truly effective integration of culture and tourism, to achieve both in the industrial chain integration and circulation value-added."This happens under oliver brigade fusion, also need to culture and tourism workers constantly efforts to innovation, and through" and "culture" and "culture + travel + 'form of science and technology, speak good Chinese story, in Chinese culture most on the world stage."Deputy general manager, shan shan tour group tour, executive director of the film and television company Wang Hanlin said.